Florida’s Worst

Florida’s worst family law judges.

In 1998, Parents Without Rights created a Task Force to select and appropriately honor the WORST family law judges in Florida. This was done in response to former President Clinton’s announcement to put the 10 Most Wanted “Dead-Beat Dads” on the Internet.

The amount of money stolen by women through welfare fraud dwarfs the amount of money owed in child support, but did Clinton Administration put the 10 Most Wanted Welfare Queens on Internet? No! We would if we could, but we don’t know who they are.

We do know, however, who the judges are who are creating a welfare state.

Due to the popularity of this list, we have made this an annual event, and our rogues gallery is cumulative. The nominations were sent in by survivors of the Florida divorce industry.

Meryl Allawas was universally aclaimed as the worst judge in Brevard County. She had the lowest ratings of all judges. On August 26, 2008, she was defeated at the polls and will soon be off the bench. Sadly, her rulings will stand, for defeating her at the bench does not revoke her bad decisions.

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