We are parents without rights. Like our name, we feel that the legal system has let us down when it comes to our rights regarding our children, and we intend to change the way it works.

It should not take thousands of dollars, months of time and expensive lawyers to settle divorce and custody disputes. Rather, we feel that the incorporation of a little common sense and some fairness into the laws of Florida would solve many of the problems present today regarding divorce and custody.

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We feel strongly that there is one sure way to get the changes that are required – by organizing a group with a common goal, made up of people like yourself who have experienced the pain and cost of divorce, custody and visitation disputes.

We recommend that you contact your state representative and voice your opinion, as any proposed legislation will require their support. You can find the appropriate address and telephone number in any local phone book. We look forward to working with you to bring about the changes Florida so deeply needs.Parents Without Rights is a volunteer organization, dedicated to Children’s Rights in Florida. We do not charge membership fees and rely upon donations to pay for this website. Please make a donation to the cause. Any amount, small or large, will be appreciated. Thank you for your kindness.

Questions? Comments? Want to volunteer? Simply click on this line to send an email.